Lake Mburo National Park

In early February, I took a trip to Lake Mburo National Park and Mbarara in Western Uganda. Mbarara is a major town on the road towards Rwanda situated about four hours from Kampala. Lake Mburo, a small national park known for its lakes (unsurprisingly) and herbivore population, is about forty-five minutes from Mbarara town.

On Friday, Alie, Courtney, and I, along with two of Courtney’s friends, packed into a bus in central Kampala. All things considered, the bus ride was far less eventful than I might have anticipated. Yes, they managed to fit five seats across the bus rather than four, but the driver drove at a reasonable pace, and only one hawker clambered up and down the aisle with chapatti and soda. The road was also surprisingly good, as it was recently rebuilt with funding from the European Union. The road to Mbarara and on to Kabale is critical, as it connects Uganda to Rwanda and onto Burundi and the Congo, enabling trade, and increasingly will become important for tourism.

Acacia Trees in Lake Mburo

Acacia Trees in Lake Mburo

We arrived in Mbarara town in the evening and spent the night with my friends Kai and Amy, GHC fellows working for the Millenium Villages Project and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Our friends Katherine and Stuart also joined, and we had a nice, low-key dinner and hung out before going to bed.

The next morning, Alie and I woke up early to make the trip to Lake Mburo, where we met Courtney and her friends who had separated from us on the way and arrived the night before. As we drove into the park, we saw dozens of zebras, warthogs, impalas, and kudu.

Pretty zebras in the park

Pretty zebras in the park

While I went on safari in Kenya this fall, it had been quite a while since I had seen these types of animals. Once at Mihingo–the lodge we splurged on–we were in heaven.

Alie and I in pool at Mihingo Lodge

Alie and I in pool at Mihingo Lodge

In a span of twenty-four hours, we had massages, ate delicious food, went on a sunset game drive, and swam in the pool, which had quite the view. Pretty luxurious! I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the larger game parks in Uganda in the coming months.

Courtney, Alie, and I on Sunset Game Drive

Courtney, Alie, and I on Sunset Game Drive


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